Each Member is Provided With...

Federal confidentiality and privilege protection for a broad array of patient safety and quality data—not just the
AHRQ Common Formats—but any type of data related to patient safety, including peer review deliberations.

A secure web-based system for easy submission of designated adverse event and near miss data as well as
other patient safety data.

Guidelines for establishing a Patient Safety Evaluation System (PSES) and defining Patient Safety Work Product (PSWP).

Independent critiques of Root Cause Analyses and Aggregated experience.

A Quarterly Patient Safety Navigator with aggregate data, de-identified lessons learned from RCA and evidence-
based literature reviews for best practices and solution to improve patient safety.

Educational webinars and deep dive projects are provided to examine what went wrong and why and share lessons
learned and access to ECRI Institutes web portal.

Improved Quality of Patient Care while reducing hospital costs because error reduction translates into avoidance of
longer lengths of stay, rework and additional care that is often not reimbursed.

A Protected space for conducting projects requiring confidentiality.

A voluntary approach to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to addressing and improving the safety of health
care services delivered to Kentuckians.

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